About 3x ETF Trading/Elliott Wave Forecasting

This site is being set up to showcase 3x ETF trading methodology honed over a few years.

The crux of the system is to take pivot highs and pivot lows and enter and exit the ETF’s accordingly.  For example, if I’m trading the TZA ETF (Short Russell 2000 Index), then my system looks at the IWM (Russell 2000) chart during the day, and then we trade the TNA or TZA ETF based on the action in the IWM alone.

I have developed proprietary signal that give tops and bottoms intra-day and over multi week, multi- month basis.

Our Elliott Wave analysis doesnt change every other week for longer term views. We use the K.I.S.S. method. Fibonacci math and eye balling the big picture charts, using a few TA indicators to keep us in check.

There are others on the internet well followed who constantly change their wave counts every other few weeks and somehow still have a big following, yet are consistently monday morning quarterbacks. They provide very little forecasting ability and are frequently missing the forest for the trees with over analysis and further paralysis.

Keep is simple, do not try or even attempt to label every single movement on the hourly, daily etc. charts.  That is the fastest way to be consistently WRONG with Elliott Wave Theory.  Look at weekly charts, look at fibonacci relationships to pivot highs and lows, and draw conclusions.  Over thinking it, and trying to do an Elliott Wave update every night is a total waste of time and probably has Elliott rolling in his grave!!